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Updated: February, 2023

Dear Estate Agent!

Growing an estate agency business can be really hard especially with so much competition and so little stock. Let’s not mention the state of the economy.

If you’re here, I guess you’re either just are looking for ways to get more clients or are just starting out. Either way I’ve got your back. Just keep reading…

You want to find a way to get your message out there so you can finally earn what you are worth.

I hear you, the struggle is real. I’ve been there too!

I was an estate agent myself for over 15 years, I worked in both corporate and independent agencies, so I know exactly how you feel.

Everyone is overvaluing and racing to the bottom on fees just to get a little piece of the pie!

But you’re better than that, right??

To top it off, there’s a million service providers trying to leach off your business and a ton of “gurus” just filling your head with noise!

Should I blog, do I need to do video, build a personal brand, post everyday!!

Oh wait, what about chatbots, they look cool. Let me figure out how to build one.

Actually… Let’s run some ads, they’ll save us.

But what about our website, surely that needs a makeover, especially if we are running ads.

Yes that’s it, if we can just do all that, surely we’ll get more customers….

Hmmm, but what about 3d virtual tours and those wonderful cash sucking portal upgrades.

**Oh just gimme a break already**

The truth is most estate agents just like you have a severe case of shiny new object syndrome mixed in with a dose of “I’m sure I can do that myself”.

They end up becoming Master Dabblers, doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

Eventually they just end up tearing their hair out, if they have any left, with all the things they need to do and keep up with.

Let me tell you right now, that is no way to run a business. It’s a sure fire way to hit maxed out stress levels FAST!

I’d rather hit myself in the goolies with a cricket bat **OUCH**

Anyway, this isn’t about me it’s about you.

You’ve read this far because I’m a funny guy, right?? Tell me I’m a funny guy damn it!

Ok, more importantly you’ve read this far because in some way, shape or form, your business isn’t where you wan’t it to be.

Even though, you break your proverbials daily. Constantly hustling to get what you deserve.

Or maybe you’re on top of the world but you still want more, being the best isn’t good enough. You just want MORE

More money
More freedom
More security
More time with Your family
More memories
More legroom
More time to just chill the **** out!

Whatever it is that floats your boat my friend, it’s all good.

I’ve got great news for you, it’s all possible.

Soon you’ll be feeling like sunshine and rainbows while singing “I got this baby”.

You’ll be waking up in the morning to the birds chirping and a mailbox full of ready-to-instruct you leads.

You’ll be consistently and predictably more new customers than you could shake a stick at.

Regardless of what’s going on with the crazy economy, the housing market or gas prices.

No more sleepless nights.

Everything tuned in and running smoothly.

You’ll be in total control of your destiny and your new found free time.

And it all starts with claiming your free strategy session… Do It Now!

What Clients & Students have to say

Ian Macbeth
Rob Stoyle
Rob Stoyle
Lisa Curran
Home Sale
Dan Wilson
Wilson & Co
Perry Power
Perry Power

Chris is the real deal. He's helped me LOADS over the years and everytime we speak he throws in another value bomb that I had never considered yet I think I understand Facebook ads pretty well.​

Emily Graham
Emily Graham

Would definitely recommend Chris and his Facebook Mastermind course! I learnt a lot from his course and will definitely be recommending him! He is always there to help with any question.

Rob Stoyle
Rob Stoyle

I'm getting a good solid 10-15 leads a day working with Chris on Facebook ads - just this week we've converted 5 into full market appraisals. I do instant online vals, and ebooks as lead magnets.

Anthony Antoniou
Anthony Antoniou

Stumbling across Chris was a godsend, I am very big on social media, but I was missing key elements that were crucial. Taking his advice has had a big impact on the response I am getting. First class.

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