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As an affiliate, you’ll get a unique link that you can use on your website, in email campaigns, video’s, Facebook Groups or your Facebook Page.

For every referral, you’ll get a 20% commission that will be paid out to your PayPal account after 30 days. In case the referral asks for a refund no commission will be given.

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Your questions answered…

You get a 20% commission on every course sold through your link. So if a course sells for £400, you get £80 commission.
You can only be an affiliate of a product that you’ve purchased, because I only want people to promote products that they’ve gone through themselves.

You can share it in all your marketing channels; email, your chatbot, your page, your group, youtube etc.

You can also share it in other groups, but only if people ask for a recommendation. Don’t just drop links in other groups without asking the admin for permission. Just make sure it’s authentic and not seen as spam or sneaky marketing.

There is only one exception: don’t share your link in the SMART Strategies for Estate Agents group. Commission earned through links here will be denied.

Every course comes with a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. So long as a refund has not been requested, you get paid through PayPal on the 31st day.

In case someone has a payment plan, you get paid every time they’ve made a payment.

Yes, we reserve the right to change or cancel the Affiliate Program at any time.

Of course!

You can find them right here.