Learn how one of our Digital Marketing Mastermind Members added an extra 100k in sales with a simple Facebook & Google ad Funnel ????

Rob Stoyle, Managing Director of Helmores in Devon, first joined the Mastermind in February 2018 when it was just a simple course about the now infamous AVM funnel.

The AVM funnel helped Rob to generate 100’s of leads monthly and add them to a very basic email nurture sequence (templates in the Mastermind). Rob has since grown that basic 4 email sequence to over 50 emails which continue to nurture his leads over a 12 month period.

This, on it’s own now continues to create listings opportunities pretty much on autopilot. All Rob has to do is continue to fill the top of his funnel with fresh leads, knowing that his nurture sequence will continue to cultivate these prospects into clients or Brand Ambassadors (people who will refer Rob’s services)

However since working closely with Rob, for about a year now, we have further built out his funnel which now looks a bit more like this:

As you can see there are now alot more points of entry and we have also employed the BIG Google guns to really help keep Helmores top of mind for anyone who has interacted with Rob’s posts or Helmores ads in any way.

Getting started is really easy and the Digital Marketing Mastermind has everything you need to get your first AVM funnel built, the ad copy the email templates, everything!

Then use the power of our community to help you grow it into something a bit more like Rob’s. Does it take work? You Betcha, does it produce amazing results? Like nothing else if you put the effort in.

Questions? Post them in the comments.

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