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In this post you will learn a method of generating leads directly from your Facebook profile on autopilot. No need for paid ads no need to pay for anything just make sure it’s optimised to generate new leads so without further ado let’s dive in and all will become clear.

Even though you can’t see them, people are looking at your profile all the time.

Every time you interact on social media comment in groups like post share posts, people check you out, they look at your profile, right? Who’s this that’s just commented on this. They’ll click on your picture and go ahead and scope out your profile. This generates an invisible stream of profile visitors.

Every single one is a chance to grow your business, even if you’re not that active on social media you still have a natural flow of potential clients passing by your profile every day. So if your profile isn’t set up properly and optimised capture those leads, you’re missing out. Big time.

It’s like a billboard on Facebook that you can use to get you business.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you can and why you should set this up today. It’s new.

It takes your profile from being pretty indistinct to looking like a professional profile. You can set it and forget it. Once it’s set up, it’s a completely passive source of leads , it’s really quick to set up.

You can do this in 15 minutes and get it all set up today.

Now I know there’s going to be some of you that think, well, that’s my personal profile on a mix it with business, but you know, if you really want to get big in your community, in your market. Everyone needs to know you’re an estate agent. You can’t really hide it. So using your profile and commenting in local groups is really going to help you, get this stream of traffic coming to you.

The 5 Optimisation Points

There are five different profile of optimisations you can use to convert the casual browsers of your profile into leads. When you combine these together, your profile becomes a powerful lead magnet or lead funnel that captures new clients for your business.

  1. The Header Image
  2. Your Profile Picture
  3. The Short Bio
  4. Your Bio Link
  5. The Featured Image

Watch the video to see how to optimise the 5 points then come back to here.

Now that your Facebook profile is properly set up and optimised. It’s time to get work. Work means going out there and engaging with other people’s posts. Like them. Share them. Comment on them and this will encourage people like I’ve said to come back and visit your profile. Now, very importantly, it’s so important to give value. It’s not just about selling yourself. Don’t go and post stuff about your business in these groups. No, one’s going to come and check you out.

Answer people’s questions that they might have and naturally they’ll come to see who you are. Giving value will naturally attract people to swing by your profile. Just to reinforce that message, it’s really good idea for you to try and find your “Watering Hole

What I mean by that are groups that really work well for you. Okay. local community groups, local property selling groups, that sort of thing, where you can get out there and share your message. Facebook is a massive place. It’s also one of the largest databases in the world. However much of it will be no use to you in terms of growing your business. Your key to finding success is finding the watering holes, where your customers hang out every day and as I’ve said, one of the best places to attract quality leads are your community groups.

So there it is, that’s how you optimise your profile for more leads.

That’s how you can get a steady stream of people coming to your profile and following you and downloading your content for free. No ads required. Now, if you enjoyed that lesson and you want to learn more about how you can use Facebook and other platforms to grow your business, I would love for you to come and join the Digital Marketing Mastermind. (if you are not already a member)

You’ll join hundreds of estate agents and letting agents learning to use the latest strategies to help them get more leads from social media. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time.

Bye for now.

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